Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

What is the physical therapy? What is the process like?
Physical therapy is aimed at rehabilitating motor system diseases and normalising functional deficiencies and disorders. Therefore, the individual senses the motion and his/her body, and receives the required stimulation to ensure movement and learn the environment.
PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED individuals at any age, whose functional movement and activities are limited by the negatively affected gross and/or fine motor skills and daily routines may benefit from the service. The underlying reason may be congenital or subsequent.
Diseases leading to motor disability
1. Cerebral Palsy / CP
Degenerative, Metabolic and Genetic Diseases affecting the central nervous system
Mental Motor Retardation (MMR)
Congenital Wrist Drop
(injury of brachial plexus)
Spinal Cord Fusion Defects
(Spina Bifida- meningomyelocele)
Congenital Muscular Diseases
Traumatic-Related Central Nervous System Injuries
Motor Infantilisms from Chronic Diseases

Who is eligible for the Physically Handicapped Individuals Support Program?
There is no other consultation needed if the specified diagnosis of the Medical Board Report is in the Physically Handicapped Individuals Support Program.